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Learn your Heritage
Preservation of Nigerian History, Heritage, Culture, Ancestry,

Build your Tree
- collaboration on family tree tracing. - Build your family tree with our easy to use tools. tree view, each page is couple and kids, can follow up or down 2x2x2, or 4x4x4 SLB Tree-like view

Our Timeline feature helps you preserve special family memories. - Add map locations, where the person lived, died, buried etc attach story to family tree, ref etc to family tree, over the years few historical records, usually stories passed down from elders to elders which could be diluted and watered down, memory fails, twisted etc. Have accurate documented info.

Share with Family

- Trust control for families, when you publish your tree you have the choice of who you want to have access to it. You can restrict it for just family, family and friends or select the specific people who you want to grant access. Invest in SSL or other tech and mention to protect family data (enforce trust with users), *flag as public for all to see

Secure login When you create a tree you are the admin with exclusive rights to modify. *each tree has a rights admin that can grant other users rights to view that tree, send request to the person and they approve. the person can login to their console and approve and deny.

Keep in Touch

Always get reminded on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, memorials. Get gift suggestions for those special occasions. - call reminders, when last did you call? SMS, FB, Twitter may be cool but not a substitute for a visit or phone call which is better.

Never underestimate the power of reminders. In this modern day and age when people are so busy with their lives, unless you've got photographic memory it's impossible to keep track of wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc. This feature is for you! Never miss another special occasion, get reminders days or weeks before and even get gift suggestions from Konga and Jumia based on the childs age or anniversary year (golden jubilee, gold, rings, watch, etc).

notifications - birthdays, anniversary (silver, gold, bronze, etc) (weeks before, days before, set) - mention persons age or how long they've been married for - suggest appropriate gifts or messages based on age and relationship - periodic random suggestions, when last did you contact Aunty this, Uncle this, see baby this etc - babe birthday, link to biz on lgt like konnektors

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