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100% Organic, Non-GMO Alaskan Chaga Mushroom!Powerful Anti-Oxidant, Research has found Anti-Inflammitory Properties!Natural Energy Booster! Caffeine Free, Rich, Mellow and Smooth Taste! Brew as a Warm Tea or Make Sun Tea to help with seasonal immune support. High in Vitamin D2, B3 and many important minerals.Harvested, Manufactured and Distributed in Alaska, by Alaskan for You! All Chaga Mushrooms collected from Healthy Birch trees that are at least 25 years old and below freezing temeratures most of the year. This ensures a High Quality of Potency for your health needs.Delicious taste and can be infused with berries, fruit, honey etc. to offer you a superior product.

Sustainable and Responsibly Harvested, Alaskan Wild Chaga is collected from birch trees older than 25 years and native to the northern Alaskan ranges which reach freezing temperatures to a low of -40F for a majority of the year. Chaga naturally contains beneficial components such as a readily absorbent form of vitamin D and several B vitamins. Containing the major minerals magnesium, chromium, iron, potassium and shown to be one of the highest known sources of antioxidants makes Chaga an excellent way to boost energy, improve vitality and soothe major health related symptoms. As the 'King of Medicinal Mushrooms', Chaga has been found to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Use Chaga every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle, detoxify the body and improve your health from the inside, out. Supplimental Facts: Contains Only Organic, Non-GMO Birch Chaga Mushroom

Alaskan Wild Chaga Tea Fine Ground OSGGJBICD

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