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Five times more Antioxidants than Goji berries, Dark Chocolate, and PecansA naturally sweet mediational blend intended for your Morning Lattes and SmoothiesAllows for Easier and Less Time-Consuming PreparationThis 1kg bag lasts for 66 servings for your Organic Beverage MixtureMade with Pure Cane Sugar to provide a Sweet No-Guilt Flavored Experience

Originally a popular product for food services and popular juice chains, this Premix line allows for fast and easy preparation of smoothies and lattes. It is pre-blended with sugar to lightly sweeten the taste as you enjoy the fresh aroma and resilient green color of pure Matcha green tea. Whether you want to enjoy a smoothie, latte, or just simply iced Matcha green tea, the Pre-Mix is a convenient way to enjoy Matcha at home. Matcha - the Japanese treasure sought for ages to answer such questions as healthier energy, highest natural occurring antioxidants, monk style calm alertness, brilliant jade color and velvety bold green tea flavor. This is the tea with its whole leaf benefit that was exclusively used in Japanese Tea ceremony, and now it has been pre-blended with sugar for a healthier lifestyle on the go. Recommended recipes are; Morning Matcha Yogurt Banana Smoothie and Matcha Latte with steamed dairy milk. This 1kg bag is good for 66 servings at 8 oz. a glass for Smoothie or Lattes. 1kg (2.2 lbs.) bag

Aiya Matcha Zen Cafe blend 1kg bag ORBQBCEEL

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