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What You Get: (Portable Charcoal Grill and Bag) Portable grill with electronics fan * Grill plate * Charcoal container * Charcoal container support * Grill handler * Carrying case * Users manualFeatures: Nearly smokeless design * Nonstick grill plate * Stainless and galvanized steel construction * Easily and quickly ignites * Charcoal grilling * Easily and quickly ignitesWhen grilling with charcoal, the grill is designed to help eliminate drippings from falling directly onto the charcoal or into the flames, as this is the primary source of smoke * Diverts drippings into the convenient oil collector * Provides charbroiled flavor without the charringSears the natural juices to enhance the mild, smoky flavor of the meat * Allows the flavor of burning charcoal to come through in your cooking * Great for both at home and on the roadMeasurements: (Approx.) 7-1/2H x 13-1/2 Diameter * Power Source: Four AA batteries * Care: Grill plate may be washed, but do not use harsh or metallic cleaner as these could damage the surface; clean grill plate prior to first use; clean all parts after each use; do not use water to clean the body of the grill; dispose charcoal in a proper, nonbustible container

A delicious, charcoal-grilled meal — there's nothing like it. With its nearly smokeless design, this portable grill provides the best attributes of charcoal grilling and convenience in a portable form. The nonstick grill plate prevents food from sticking and burning, as the heat from the charcoal's embers cooks the meat and sears its natural juices, enhancing the mild, smoky flavor to delectable perfection.

AirLight Portable Charcoal Grill and Bag Black RFYIYNMMS

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