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Weight:357g/cakeProduct date: 2008 Shelf life: long term, the longer, the betterOrigin: Yunnan, ChinaTastes mellow, smooth with rich aromalong-term storage in ventilating, dry, no pollution and no peculiar smell place

Products Introduction:

Praised as the standard product to judge the quality of raw and ripe pu’er tea, 7542 and 7572 are not so much the representatives of Dayi tea as the symbols of pu’er classic. From the birth in middle of 1970s until today, 7542 and 7572 is a perfect pair. During the last 30 years, they make a legend in pu’er tea world. Behind the outstanding and constant quality lies an important point--the blending craft in Menghai tea factory.

As we all know, blending and fermentation are the two key techniques during the pu’er tea manufacturing, also the core value of national non-material cultural heritage “ Dayi pu’er tea making craft”. Blending means using the tea of different origins and the same grade, the same origin and the different grades or the teas with different ages to mix according to the formula, so it can avoid weakness, not only make the color, fragrance and the shape become qualified, guarantee the stability and consistence of the quality, but also can produce special unique products. Blending is almost the key point of tea making process. The large-scale producing and the rich material reserves of different ages make Menghai tea factory master the tea making technique very well. Compared to the so-called the same material from the outside to inside tea, that 7572 and 7542 can become the classics is due to the stable and constant quality, and lie in the rich tastes. The profound technical support is the endless source.

The tea has pure and clear tea soup, tastes mellow smooth and sweet. The reasonable blending and compressing make the tea worthy of collecting and drinking. Welcome to DRAGON TEA HOUSE store for more available types of tea and tea brewing accessories! I hope you have a wonderful shopping in our shop!

7572 Menghai Chi Tse Beeng 2008 Aged Ripe Pu&rsquo er Puerh Tea Cake 357g RLJLDXDKH

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