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Log jammers insect suet plugContains ground peanuts, finely cracked corn, dehydrated crickets, dehydrated mealworms and dehydrated waxwormsGreat source of energy and attracts a variety of birdsWild bird food to feed year roundFill your log jammer bird feeder with these specially made plugs of suet

Log Jammer Insect Suet 6 individual packs suet plugs Ingredients include: Rendered Beef Suet Ground Peanuts Finely Cracked Corn Dehydrated Crickets Dehydrated Mealworms Dehydrated Waxworms Specifications Depth 1.75 in. Width 7.75 in. Height 6 in Ingredients Rendered beef suet, ground peanuts, cracked corn, crickets, meal worms, and waxworms Weight 9.4 oz. packages

6 Pack of Log Jammer Insect Suet DIFTNJDFQ

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