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Flavors of brown sugar and honeydew with a bright acidity.This coffee was grown in the Northern Province, Gakenke District.This coffee contains bourbon varietals.This coffee was grown at an altitude of 2200 - 2300 meters.This bean goes through a washed process.

Situated in the Northern Province in the highest parts of the Gakenke Districtlies the Coko washing station. It’s run by a predominantly female co-operative.They are using a Penagos – washer which doesn’t use a lot of water, ratherthan the traditional three disk – pulpers, which are used here in Rwanda andwhich need a lot of water in order to process the cherries. This processingallowed them to begin their co- operative on a site which had very little waterresources. The water used is mountain water.All the coffee here is hand picked, depulped, dry fermented for 12 hours andthen wet fermented for 18 hours. The coffee is firstly shade dried and then sundried on raised beds along the steep mountain slopes.

5 LBS Rwanda Coko Washed 4 Unroasted Green Coffee Beans RJAGYHEFF

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