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Heavy Duty Professional Grade Stainless Steel ConstructionEasy to Read 5 Color Coded Dial (50 to 550 F)Fine Tuning Calibration AdjustmentEasy to mount with instructions and hardware1 year limited Replacement Warranty

Is your Old Barbecue Thermometer worn out, broken, or lost its accuracy Are you looking for a professional grade long lasting thermometer for your new Grill or Smoker or for the one you just custom built Then River Country has the Thermometer for you!!! River Country patented barbecue thermometers have been specially designed and manufactured with the highest accuracy and craftsmanship around to provide years of trusted results for today’s desiring cooks, whether you’re a novice or a professional. The River Country RC-T5 has been manufactured using all professional grade components, from the 304 stainless steel outer display case to the special 316 stainless steel stem which provides superior protection from the corrosive effects and temperatures of cooking. Each thermometer has a specially designed and built, easy to read, color coded full range dial so whether your slow smokin at low temperatures or grillin on an open flame you can easily and accurately read the exact temperate and range your cooking in. The lens assembly is hermetically sealed to prevent fogging and moisture from the entering the dial. Each River Country thermometer has a small adjustment screw on the back to making fine calibration adjustments when every degree counts. The model RC-T5 features a 5” easy to read dial and has a 3” stem including the extra long 3/4” threaded portion which provides for secure mounting on either thin or thick walled smokers and grills. The threads are standard 1/2” NPT, common on most existing grills and smokers or you can simply drill a 13/16” hole and use the heavy duty mounting hardware that is included. All River Country Branded Thermometers are backed with our 1 year limited replacement warranty

5" Dial River Country RC-T5 Adjustable BBQ Grill Smoker Thermometer 50 to 550 F FFIUZVKTH

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