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93041(4-pack) Porcelain Steel heat plate charmglowPlate measures 17.3125-inches in length by 4.9375-inches in widthFits Kirkland grill model 720-0433 and Nexgrill 720-0433, 720-0677, Perfect Flame 720-0522CAN, 720-0522Fits Charmglow grill models 720-0304, 720-0396, 720-0536, 720-0578, Sams models 720-0582, 720-0584A, Members Mark 720-0584AFits Permasteel gril models PG-50400-S, PG-50401-S, PG-50404-SOL, PG-50410-S, PG-50410-SOLB, etc; Presidents Choice PC10011016

New product: 93041(4-pack) Porcelain Steel Heat plate Shield Dimensions: 17 5/16" x 4 15/16", Material: Porcelain Steel Heat Shield 93041. Cooks better! Lasts longer; Extend the life of your grill; Exact-fit parts; Durable porcelain steel construction.

Recommend you first measure the old pipe burners (length and diameter) and compare to the specs on this product listing.

4-pack Charmglow Permasteel Gas Grill Heat Plate Porcelain Steel Heat Shield HUWGJXSRG

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