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36 Length 5mm Diameter Bamboo roasting skewer100% made from nature bamboo, eco-friendly36 in length,long enouth to keep away from fireBest tool for family,party,camping,BBQ event,etcPerfect for marshmallows,sausages,shish kebabs,hot dogs,appetizers,grilling meats,can also be used for Cake stacking,Gardening Plant support

36 inch 5mm Extra Long Kebab and Marshmallow Bamboo Roasting Sticks

·Thick Extra Long Heavy Duty Bamboo Skewers
Packing in 20 Sticks
Perfect for Hot Dogs, Kebabs ,Sausage
Eco and Environmentally Safe 100% Biodegradable
Best tool for family,party,camping,BBQ event,etc

36'' Roasting Bamboo Skewer Perfect for Hot Dogs Kebabs Sausage Best Tool for BBQ Party Camping 100 Pack MXNPBOHBG

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