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Burns up to 3x longer than any other charcoalEconomical AND environmentally friendlyTotal of 192pcs Coconut Cocomazaya Charcoal for Hokah Hookah Incense100% natural Cocomazaya made from coconut shellCube shaped

2x Coco Mazaya Natural Coconut Charcoals 108 Pieces.2 Boxes of Coco Mazya Natural Coconut Charcoal 108 Pieces Each Box100% natural charcoal made from coconut shellContains no sulphurBurns up to 3X longer than any charcoalLeaves less than 5% in ashesEasy to lightClean burning, odorless and tastelessDoes not produce any sparks when lighting or usingEconomical and environmental friendlyNot a single tree was cut to make this product!All sales are final.Please email with any questions.Thank you!!

2x Coco Mazaya 96 Piece Large Size Coconut Charcoal FJHKIXUIX

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