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2 LB USDA Organic Culinary Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder, All Natural, Naturally Cholesterol, Gluten & Sugar Free.Excellent Source of Antioxidants & Amino Acids Including (EGCg) & (L-Theanine)Cholesterol, Gluten & Sugar Free.

Matcha Is A Variety Of Finely-Powdered Green Tea Which Is Traditionally Used In The Ancient Chinese Tea Ceremony From Tang Dynasty, And Later It Was Introduced To Japan By A Famous Chinese Monk In Song Dynasty. While In Modern Times, Matcha Has Also Come To Be Widely Used As Food Addictive To Flavor And Dye Foods. In Recent Years, It Has Been Used In Dietary Supplements, Bath Soap, And Other Hygiene Products Where The Antioxidant Effect Proves Useful, As Well As In Apparels As Dye And Deodorant. Matcha Is Made Of Tencha, While Tencha Is Made From Specially Treated Fresh Leaves Plucked From Shade-Grown Tea Plantations, Which Encourage High Chlorophyll Content, Low Tannins And The Dark Emerald-Green Color Of Fresh Leaves. Those Tea Leaves Are Laid Out Flat To Dry, Known As Tencha. Tencha Can Then Be De-Veined, De-Stemmed, And Stone Ground To The Fine, Bright Green, Talc-Like Powder Known As Matcha. It Can Take Up To One Hour To Grind 30 Grams Of Matcha. Matcha Is Renowned For Numerous Health Benefits. In Terms Of Nutritional Value, It’S Understood That One Cup Of Matcha Is Equivalent To Ten Cups Of Brewed Green Tea, This Is Due To One Consuming The Whole Leaves When Drinking Matcha. As A Result, Matcha By Volume Contains Higher Concentrations Of Catechins, Vitamins, And Other Beneficial Nutrients. Matcha Needs To Be Stored In Fridge Or Freezer In An Air-Tight Container Or Plastic Bag To Protect The Freshness. When Making Tea, Scoop Out A Serving Of Matcha And Immediately Replace The Tin In The Refrigerator. Once Opened, Use It Within 2 To 4 Weeks For Maximum Freshness And Best Taste.

2 LB USDA Organic Culinary Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder 32 oz TKYDOEHCE

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