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bluebird housespredator guardcedarhandmade in the USAPeterson oval opening

Welcome to Sp11dy Birdhouses. Description: 2 CEDAR WOOD BLUEBIRD BIRD HOUSEs with cedar shake roof and peterson oval opening ... NEST HOUSE OPEN FROM THE FRONT...... Hand-made from rough sawn, weather-resistant, western red cedar. Bluebirds seem to prefer the rough-sawn cedar because of its natural look and feel. The rough surface also enables the birds to hold on to it with their claws. features Include: Construction:Constructed from seasoned 1/2 Western Red Cedar Specifications: The overall specifications are 9 ” wide, 5 ” Deep, 12” High. Hole entrance is 1 3/8 x 2 1/4” oval Diameter unless otherwise specified. Nest area is 4 ” x 4”. The entrance hole is located 6” above floor Predator Guard:This house is equipped with a predator guard. The predator guard will minimize predators such as cats, rocoons, starlings and others from being able to reach the nesting area.

2 Bluebird House with Cedar Shake Roof..peterson Oval Opening..cedarnest KSXYZCDAC

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