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Unwaxed Pink/Peach Butcher PaperSmoker, Microwave, and Freezer SafeWorks Great on BrisketsMade in the USA, Basis Weight: 40lbsComes with Universal Stainless Steel Ambient Temperature Probe Clip

Combo Pack:
18" x 150' Pink Butcher Paper plus Ambient Temperature Probe Clip.

Pink/Peach butcher paper is a type of butcher paper that indicates coming from a natural base, whereas white butcher paper is bleached.

Our paper is 100% wax free, food safe, and Made in the USA.

BBQ Pitmasters will wrap their meats towards the end of the cook to protect the meat from drying out and losing moisture. Meats are also wrapped to help them speed through the stall, known as the "Texas Crutch."

The main drawback to using foil is that when hot meats are wrapped, the steam cannot escape and any bark that has formed can easily turn to mush.

Pink/Peach Paper solves this problem by allowing steam to escape, while still preserving the juices and preventing the meat from drying out.

Universal Ambient Temperature Clip for Smokers, Grills, and Ovens. Made of stainless steel with a hole size of 4.6mm.

Tip: Squeeze the middle of the clip when inserting the temperature probe for easier setup.

18" x 150' Peach Pink Butcher Paper BBQ Smoker Paper with Ambient Grill Temperature Clip WLGFKHMWV

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